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Exclusive Why is ‘Putin’s Rasputin’ Still on Facebook?

, 22 April 2022
A Byline Times investigation reveals that Aleksandr Dugin is still sharing conspiracy theories and disinformation with his thousands of followers

Exclusive Down Vladimir Putin’s Disinformation Rabbit Hole

, 22 April 2022
Steven Lacey speaks to Sian Norris about why he fell for pro-Putin disinformation – and how open conversation and debate helped him escape out of the rabbit hole

Why I’m Scared To Open Instagram Message Requests

, 6 April 2022
A new report by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate has found women are being targeted with misogynistic abuse on Instagram's direct message function – something Sian Norris knows all too well

How the French Far-Right Is Copying the Digital Campaigning Tricks of Brexit

, 5 April 2022
A new report into Eric Zemmour’s social media in the run-up to the French elections shows how Britain's Leave campaigns during the EU referendum created a controversial template

‘De-Nazification’ and Putin’s Disinformation War

, 5 April 2022
Using an example of local vigilante violence in Ukraine and its exploitation by Putin’s propaganda machine, Max Colbert explores Russian disinformation techniques

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