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João Campos


Chronically Corrupted

“Boris Johnson’s refusal to resign symbolises an entire country going rotten; its entire national strategy now founded on the lies, delusions and fantasies of Brexit

Hating Boris Johnson

Otto English explains how he became an expert on the boy who wanted to be ‘World King’ and why he cannot now bear to write a single word about the man

More on Johnson’s UKLies Put UK Constitutionat Breaking Point

The former Conservative Solicitor General believes ‘good chaps’ in his party should remove the Prime Minister from office

Johnson’s Hypocrisy over India

The Prime Minister looks the other way as Modi oppresses Muslims and erodes democratic rights while allying with Putin’s regime, reports Adam Bienkov

MORE ON MODI’s INDIAIndia’s Hindu Nationalists &The Blueprint for Genocide

Attacks against Muslims since the start of Ramadan are part of a process of genocide

Talking About My GenerationHow the Conservative Party has Punished Young People

From mental health services to tuition fees, the Government has damaged the welfare and prosperity of the next generation

Daisy Steinhardt

Young People As Prime TargetsStudent Loan Hike is the Latest Frontier of the Conservative ‘Culture War’

By allowing student loan debt to soar, the Government is seeking yet more division between young and old

Maheen Behrana

Russia at War

Putin’s War On Net ZeroPreventing Russia’s Fossil Fuel Collapse

Nafeez Ahmed reports on Russian Government studies that suggest war in Ukraine is the world’s first military attack on the global climate movement


A Russian Diplomat, Graham Phillips and the Conservative Friends of Russia

Byline Times investigates claims that a Russian diplomat with links to the Conservative Party assisted a British pro-Putin propagandist

UK Officials Rub Shoulders with Sanctioned Russian Arms Firms at World Defence Show

The dubious morality of the Government attending a Saudi arms fair alongside firms responsible for the devastation in Ukraine

How an Influential Pro-Russian Business Network Worked Silently Within Westminster for Decades

How the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce has attempted to shape UK politics and trade

Britain & Refugees


Government’s Rwanda Plan is Relic of a Colonial Age

Britain’s hostility towards migration has laid the groundwork for Priti Patel’s controversial plan

Human Rights Concerns Around Government’s Transportation Deal

The plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda has raised numerous human rights concerns – not least for LGBTIQ people and pregnant women

The Rwanda SchemeElectoral Racism to Policy Racism

Decades of shifting political racism have created a rich reservoir of racialised attitudes for Boris Johnson’s regime to exploit, says Martin Shaw

Refugees in Danger‘Homes for Ukraine’ Scheme unsafe

Sian Norris reports on safeguarding fears and delays in the Homes for Ukraine scheme that are putting vulnerable lives at risk

North Loses Out Government Replaces EU ‘Shared Prosperity Fund’

Sam Bright and Tom Robinson

Sam Bright and Tom Robinson calculate the reductions in UK regional development spending, compared to the equivalent EU scheme

Lessons for the Left from Scandinavia

Shafi Musaddique

Progressive parties in the Nordic countries have also been wrestling with reactionary views towards immigration in recent years, documents Shafi Musaddique